Saturday, October 23, 2010

A busy, but productive week....

Saturday night already??  This week has flown by again...Wed and Thurs I was just running around really, tidying up a few bits and pieces.  Thursday morning/afternoon I cleaned the house and then went to the shops and picked up another christmas present for Kasey...KMart had the lava lamps on special for $10, so I picked up a pink glitter one for her room as a little extra gift for her to open on Christmas day.  Friday was wedding prep for a wedding today, gorgeous cream roses, white lisianthus and white freesias.  They ended up looking divine, and the bride was extremely happy with them:

Tammy came over tonight for a visit, so we had a chat and watched a movie.  I finished a bottle of wine...ooops...a nice girly night in.  Kasey had her first ever ballet performance today, they were soooo cute in these gorgeous little baby doll outfits, I have ordered some photos which will come in a couple of weeks, so will post some then.  As they were the only group in their age group, they got first place, so that was great for all of them. Damian leaves Moranbah tomorrow and heads home, hooray, I really miss he should be home on Monday some time.  Off to the craft show tomorrow, Toni is babysitting Kasey in the morning until she goes to work, and Michael is coming over in the afternoon to babysit his little nice.... I wonder how many goodies I will come home with from the craft show.....hmmm...have to control myself I think.  I am also meeting a couple of brides throughout the day, 1 wants to give me 2 of her grandmothers rings to incorporate into her bouquets in a fortnights time, 1 is from up north and wants to touch base with me while down in Brisbane, and another wants to bring her bouquet to me so I can preserve a busy day coming up, however, it will be really nice to be "free" for the day with no kids or house to worry about, just some lovely time at the show.  Mum is also coming over tomorrow night to spend the night and have some Mother/Daughter time...anyway, it's late, so I'm off to bed :)  Night night....


  1. You have a had a busy week and I do love the bouquets, you are so clever. A day at the craft fair will be so much fun and yes if you are like me will have to control yourself :0)

  2. Just looking at your blog makes me swoon Deb. I can almost smell the scent of the flowers...divine..Mimi