Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now for some relaxation time...

What a busy, busy week it has been.  I have had a few sewing days this week, as well as a very large wedding to do for today.  Damian and I decided that as we were heading in to the city to drop off today's wedding, that we would make a weekend of it, so we are staying at the Rydges resort for the night. We are going to go down and have a seafood buffet for dinner, then we may head over to the casino.  I am just sitting here feeling very sleepy after such a busy week sipping on a couple of cruisers, while Damian has headed of to the TAB. Kasey has gone to Grandma and Grandads for the night.  Next week will probably be just as busy, but next weekends wedding isn't a very big one, and then I have a 4 week break before the next wedding, so we may take advantage of that and head away somewhere in the caravan for a few days or so.

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  1. Glad you are getting time to relax and a night in Brissie as well :-)