Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rush, rush, rush..

Life is so busy at the moment....I hope to catch my breath a little next week, but I have been out and about constantly everyday for the last 6 days, which makes life seem really, really busy.  I have such a full diary this week, it is almost totally ridiculous. I knew October was going to be like this, as it has been the busiest wedding month of the year, and there is a lot of in between organising to do as well, so pretty full on.  I have to go to Ikea tomorrow to get some vases, then to a floral supplier to pick up some supplies, and then to another supplier to pick up some silk flowers for a December wedding, as well as to Spotlight to pick up some other supplies for this weekends wedding. The last 2 days has been sewing class, with an award winning free motion quilter, and today we painted a design on to calico and then stitched it and quilted it, and it will become a wall hanging, and I will post some photos when I get a bit more time, and tonight was the first class of my 6 week course on pattern customising and dressmaking which was fun as well. I only go once a week, but it is for 3 hours at a time, so an 18 hour course all up, and at the end of it, I should know how to alter any commercial shirt pattern so that it fits me exactly, and we will all have finished a custom fitted shirt, and that pattern can then be used over and over, and the basics applied to other patterns. Anyway..I don't know if I am going to get back to update until the end of the week or early next week, but will have to take lots of photos to update with everything that's been going on....

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