Monday, October 11, 2010


Very, very tired today.  I spent about 9 hours in the car on the weekend just delivering wedding flowers, not to mention the days of preparation and actual making of the bouquets.  I did 4 weddings this weekend, and the majority of them were wired bouquets which are more labour intensive.  The weather today here has been terrible, we have had torrential rain, and the garage and front verandah was flooded.  I kept the girls home from school today because of the severity of the weather, and figured the roads would be flooded by the end of the day, and I really didn't feel like driving in it or walking Kasey in to school in it.  So I said, stay home girls, and went back to bed for a while :)  I had one of the bouquets from the weekend come back to me today to be preserved, and another one will be coming in tomorrow for preserving. I have been a bit down today, I think from being tired, so hopefully will wake up a bit more refreshed tomorrow and a bit more motivated. I have tried not to take on too much this week, and I have another wedding for Friday, but it's just the one this week, so much more civilised, and being a Friday wedding, will leave the weekend free.  Anyway, here are some of the bouquets from the weekend.

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  1. Deb they are just gorgeous:)
    Just curious how do you preserve the bouquets ?
    Sherrie from simpleliving !