Monday, August 9, 2010

Productive Monday

I didn't get up until about 8am today, I was awake on and off from about 6 though, as Max was being a bit naughty and doing the aimless barking, so I ended up tying him up for about an hour, as that will normally stop him barking at nothing. After breakfast I went up to the vege garden and planted lots of new seedlings:

12 cabbage
6 cauliflower
6 red cabbage
12 silverbeet for the chickens
20 tomatoes
6 tommy toe cherry tomatoes
20 leeks
4 marigolds around the strawberries

I was pretty tired after this, and had some morning tea (a lovely chocolate croissant courtesy of Toni's morning opening shift) and then set to work on finishing off the silk wedding. It has come up really lovely, and I will take some photos tomorrow and post them then. It was a public holiday today, so Kasey and Toni were home, so they have had a nice relaxing day, other than Toni starting work at 5am, but she was home by 10am, all finished for the day, and she gets paid double time and a half for working a public holiday, so she is pretty happy with that.  I still haven't managed to get to my sewing yet....may do some after tea tonight, otherwise tomorrow after my weekly morning tea with Tammy???  I have had a very productive day :)

Harvested from the vege garden:
50 grams lettuce leaves
12 snow peas (to produce more growth)

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