Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still in Mackay

We are still in Mackay at the moment. Damian took his ute back into the mechanics yesterday, as it was still having a slight oil leak, after the repairs he had done here a coupke of weeks ago. Apparently, they missed a gouge, so have had to pull the gearbox and everything out again to fix it, so we have ended up staying here an extra day. We have been driving around in the mechanics landcruiser (he is a long time friend) since yesterday. We went around to he and his wife's house last night for a lovely dinner of lasagne and garlic bread, and had a good catch up as we haven't seen them for quite a few years. It was really nice to catch up, they have not changed at all really. We drove out to Sarina today and did a tour of the Sarina Sugar Shed and learnt a bit about how sugar is processed from the growing and harvesting of the sugar cane, to how it is processed and turned in to sugar, molasses, ethanol, alcohol etc. Damian and I found it really interesting, Kasey wasn't fussed one way or the other, and spent the DVD watching time crawling on the floor, and talking the rest of the time....once she gets a bit older she may find this sort of stuff interesting, even when they gave her fairy floss it didn't really change her opinion of the whole thing...we then drove out to Hay Point  to the public lookout and had a look out over the coal processing area including where they load up the ships etc. Damian thought all of this was wonderful, but I could have taken this or left it....definitely a boys area this one.   I haven't been able to take photos of our trip so far, as my phone stopped working yesterday, the screen appears to have gone, courtesy I think of me spilling the Passionfruit jam on the screen a couple of weeks ago....oops....so I am not sure if it was the jam or if the screen has just gone, but there is remnants of the jam in under the side where the screen joins the case, so I think the warranty will be voided regardless, so it looks like I am up for a new phone....again....I have done a couple of loads of washing in the laundry this afternoon, hopefully now that I have caught up, seeing as Damian left me a bag of his washing to do from last week as well, I will be able to use the washing machine in the caravan now, as it only fits a few items in it at a time and would have taken me 2 days to do the amount that was here in the little machine in here.  The caravan is wonderful, I absolutely LOVE it, it is so nice to have a shower and toilet in the van, and also being bigger is great, and the bigger fridge and normal size freezer is a definite bonus. The bed is also longer than in the last caravan, so the bed is really comfy and Kasey loves having her own bunk bed, and is really enjoying climbing up to the top bunk and having her own private little area to sleep in, and is forever pulling the concertina door closed so she has her own little room. Depending on whether the car is finished tonight or not will depend on whether we move on to Yeppoon tomorrow, or if we will need to spend another day in Mackay.  Doesn't really matter either way, neither of us needs to hurry back for anything, so an extra day or 2 won't be a problem...really nice to be able to say that for once. Having cold BBQ chicken, salad and pasta for dinner tonight. I woke up feeling pretty horrible during the night last night, and had to ask Damian to get me a bucket, as I really thought I was going to end up needing it, but managed to keep that at bay, I had a constand headache yesterday as well, so I think it was all related. I have been mostly ok today, but have the occasional bout of nausia here and there, and had a bit of a headache this morning, so hopefully by the morning I will be back to normal. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow until we know more on the car, hopefully we will know something soon....

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