Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Relocating....the difficulties

The 2 biggest dilemmas I was facing personally when deciding to relocate to our country farm was changing Kasey's school and leaving my adult daughter. Kasey loves school, and I have been so worried that she would be overwhelmed by the whole process of changing school and find things really difficult. Kasey can be "clingy" at times, and I was not looking forward to the process of dropping her to her first day at her new school, fearing a tears session. School was cancelled here last week due to the floods, so her first day was yesterday. I have been as upbeat as I can about the whole process for her, and yesterday she was so excited about starting. Upon arriving at school we were shocked at how unchaotic the traffic was. The first day at her last school, in fact the first couple of months is pretty chaotic and there is usually traffic everywhere. But yesterday, we easily found a park, and casually wandered through the gates and quickly found her class room. This is the first time she has had a male teacher, he was very organised and directed Kasey to her desk for her to unpack her books along with the other students who were there as well. I said to Kasey, do you want me to leave you to get on with things, and she looked up at me with a HUGE grin and said Yes Please! and with that she waved goodbye. I met her in the afternoon at the gate, and she came running out again with a huge grin, and told me she LOVED her day, loved the school and that it is MUCH better than her last school, the playground is better, less kids is better, and she wished she had started last year! Phew....all that worry for nothing.
My 2nd dilemma is not proving so easy, I do miss Toni...I am better than I thought I would be though...and today I am feeling tired, sore and a bit emotional which is probably not helping. I rode my horse the other day for the first time since being up here at the property, I was taking him for a bit of a canter and the dogs aren't used to him either, and they rushed at his back legs which made him prop and buck at the same time...wasn't expecting it, but did manage to stay on....just....but landed heavily down on the saddle and also from not riding for a long time, my upper legs are sooo sore.....but I will pick myself up soon hopefully, ..I still don't have a lot of my possessions up here, all my sewing stuff and scrapping stuff is still down at the other house, as I don't have the room here yet to set up, so I am torn between the 2 homes right now....we are heading down this weekend for an engagement party so will pick up some more of our belongings, so hopefully I will start to feel more at "home" then. :) I have book work to do....blah....wonder how much longer I can put that off for :)

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