Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Family Visit

We had Damian's Mum and Dad and Sister come up to see the farm for the first time on the weekend. Toni caught a lift up with them as well, and Michael surprised us by turning up on Saturday afternoon as well, so we had a full house, which was lovely. We did a nice big roast beef on Saturday night, we were hoping to do it in the camp oven, but the coals took too long to heat up, so we did it in our benchtop oven instead but did the vegies in the camp oven. We went to the pub in town on Saturday for lunch, and then had a big cookup for breakfast Sunday morning, and a sausage sizzle for lunch before everyone headed off home or back to work. The weekend went so fast, but it was lovely catching up with everyone.
(The big and small kids having fun on the flying fox!)
(Damian doing some work on the driveway to make it less slippery in the wet)
 (Diesel waiting for Damian, striking his usual "Meerkat" pose)
 (John, Bev and Leanne)
 (John and Bev and Mitsy on the Quad)
(Michael, Toni, Kasey and I)
 (Michael, Toni and Kasey)

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