Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still de-cluttering - Photos, Magazines and Recipes

Been quite busy around here of late. Since giving up 99% of sugar, and all low fat foods, my energy is still high. It's the best I have felt in years. As a result, I have been really busy. Damian brought me home a trailer load full of rocks last weekend, so I have put those around for garden edging, I will still probably need another 2-3 trailer loads to finish off all of the edging, but it is getting there now, then just need to re-mulch everything and do some pruning,  and the gardens will be done for now. I am looking at going up to the property over the weekend, and if I do I will tow the trailer back up with me, and bring back another trailer load with me when I come back so I can keep going on that.  I am still working on the last bit of de-cluttering in the shed, and I did a big clean up in Kasey's room yesterday, and threw out 2 garbage bags full of rubbish - drawings, papers and clutter, and also donated 2 boxes of outgrown clothes and toys to the op shop. When de-cluttering the shed, I came across the start of the boxes of photos we have accumulated over the years. These just sit in boxes, never being looked at, taking up room. We aren't going to have the room in the cabin while building the new house, and I just want to clear everything out and just be able to concentrate on what needs doing each day, instead of storing and looking at stuff we don't need. So I went and purchased a good quality photo scanner, which scans photos and negatives, and I have started to scan the hundreds of photos that we have. So far I am up to 900, and I am afraid that is just the tip of the iceberg! Being just a photo scanner though, it is really quick, and is saving all the photos to an SD card. I am keeping any interesting and outstanding photos for scrap booking, and the rest are being tossed, and will only be kept in digital format. If we need a photo for something, we can get it printed from the memory card, or we can view the photos on the computer or tv. Looking back on the photos is a real memory tripper, and it is amazing looking at the changes that have taken place in our lives over the years, from when the kids were little, to building the house/s and the decor changes inside over the years, and occasions we had forgotten about, but that's what photos are for isn't it. I am going to make a couple of backup copies of the sd cards once fully completed, and will ask a couple of family members to keep a copy for us, just in case ours goes missing or is destroyed. By scanning the photos, I am also able to retouch any that are damaged in photoshop. I have also  been scanning my gardening magazines, as I want to keep them in a digital format only as well. Magazines take up such a lot of room, but I want to keep all of the information, just not the clutter. Scanning the magazines is taking a lot longer though, so it is going to take a loooonnnggg time to do, mainly because I am giving each scan a relevant name so I can archive them easily and be able to cross reference everything. Once that is done, I will publish the entire document as a PDF book on my ipad and computer which I can refer to whenever I like. I also need to do the same thing with all of my recipes that I have printed out on bits and pieces of paper, and toss any recipe books that I never use. Toni has asked me to make her up a recipe book with our family recipes in it for when she is living out of home so she can make her favourites that she has grown up with. I will probably do something up in Scrapbook Max for this, as there are a few great recipe book and card kits available that will do the job well and quickly.

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