Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An update....

Things are still very busy around here.....lots of things to catch up on after our week away at Easter, and I was away last weekend as well on the scrapbooking retreat at Kilcoy, so things are only just starting to settle down a little bit. I was wandering around the vegie garden this afternoon after I let the chickens out, and while there certainly isn't much planted up there at the moment, a few things are ready or very close to being ready to harvest. I didn't really plant too much over summer, and I haven't had much of a chance to plant too many things yet as it's been very busy, and a bit too wet to plant some things out.  I am going to ask for my Mothers Day present to be a helping hand to get the vegie garden planted out this Sunday, and everyone can help me weed it and mulch it and get it all planted out for winter.....looking good in the garden at the moment are:
some lovely eggplants, these are the first eggplants I have ever grown, and they are coming along quite nicely

I am going to try and make up a yummy lasagne with this, or I will make them into fritters.  Also, this year is my first attempt at loofahs...I have 5 quite mature ones on the vine at the moment, with a couple more coming through, I did plant these late so I wasn't sure how they would go, but they appear to be going very well

The nasturtiums add a nice bright touch, and are great for the soil and as a companion plant, and the girls are following me while I wander around hoping for some yummy treats

The Queensland Arrowroot that I planted a couple of weeks back has got some new shoots and is looking very healthy, and my Cassava bushes are also starting to sprout quite nicely

I also picked a few bananas off the tree to try and get some to ripen, they have been on the tree for months and are showing no signs of ripening. A lot of people that I have spoken to with banana plants are saying the same thing this year with all of the rain and cloud cover we have had, it has made the bananas take ages to ripen. I am going to pop these in a paper bag and if they ripen ok, then I will pick some more and try to stagger ripen them so that we have an ongoing supply rather than them all ripening at once.

I didn't realise how much sap comes out when you pick the bananas off the branch, I had it all over my jeans and my fingers, and the ladder! Very sticky and I now have big brown blotches on my jeans. It's starting to get quite cool here now, so I think it's going to be a cold night. We'll have to start lighting the fire soon I think.

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  1. Enjoy your Mothers Day. I think that is a great idea for a pressie :]