Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few days holiday...

We are having a few days at the beach....Damian didn't have any time off over Xmas, so really needed a break. So we managed to get a beachfront site at the caravan park he has come to since he was a kid. The phone keeps ringing, but at least he is having some time off. Damian is spending lots of time here...reading the paper overlooking the ocean...

We went a did some shopping yesterday, and we went via the local Salvos stores to get some books and jigsaw puzzles for Kasey to do.
 This one is a 3 dimensional princess castle puzzle, it took us quite some time to do, but looked great when finished.
 Today, I said Kasey could make cupcakes. She made them all by herself, I just gave her the instructions, and did the oven part, other than that, she did it all herself.
(Mixing the batter)
 (Laying out the patty pans)
(Filling the patty pans)
 (Sampling the leftover batter - as you do)
 (Watching them bake)
 (Now the creative part - the icing)
 (And butterfly sprinkles of course!  )
 (tadah!!  )
So, a lovely relaxing time so far....I have to head home for a little while tomorrow, as I have a flower delivery coming on Thursday for a wedding this weekend...we are only 45 minutes or so from home, so not too far to travel. Then I will have to come home really early on Saturday to do the wedding and deliver it....but Damian and Kasey will stay and have fun at the beach while I am gone....

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  1. I hope the weather(heat) is kinder to you than it was to me:0). That spot looks kind of familiar I think.