Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend wrap up

So, I had a productive weekend.  I didn't do too much when I got back from delivering the wedding yesterday.  I did a little weeding in the garden, there was some big horrid, prickly weeds growing in there, and I didn't realise how many there actually were until I started digging them out...lucky I got to it, as otherwise I would have been really struggling to contain them, as they were spreading like wildfire.  Mum popped in briefly, and then, other than the necessary daily stuff, I just plodded along. Made up a lovely beef chow mein, from the new Annette Sym cookbook, it was really yummy, except Toni and Kasey thought it was too spicy. We then sat and watched riverfire on the tv, and spent the rest of the night relaxing.  Today, we rang Damian for fathers day, and surprise, shock, Michael had already rung him, only because he hadn't been to bed yet from the night before!  I then spent most of the day cleaning the house, and it is now a peaceful, tidy haven again....we then moved Toni's old desk in to Kasey's room, as she was begging for it to be in her room, and moved her bed and chest of drawers, and threw out some rubbish, and took her little dressing table out.  Because I have moved her bed back against the wall, it makes her room look so much bigger now. After dinner, I tackled the sewing cupboard. I went to Bunnings today and bought 8 wire stacking racks and put them in the cupboard beside my sewing cupboard, and moved all of my fabric, stabilisers and patterns into that.  I didn't realise how much fabric I actually had, so this tidy up should save me quite a bit of money over the coming months with the sewing projects planned, as I can see what is there and get to the fabric really easily. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were flat, so I wasn't able to take a before shot, but this is the end result:

I can't believe how quickly I filled up my 8 shelves...ooops....   The cupboard where I have my sewing maching and overlocker is so much more organised now, so it will be much more pleasant trying to get some sewing done in there, as I can't work for too long in a disorganised area, as it drives me a bit nutty.  I cleaned our office earlier in the week as well, before the accountant came, and that is so much nicer to work in now also.  so, that's my weekend done and dusted, ready for another busy week. 

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