Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lots to do....

Thursday already??  I've been pretty busy this week, Monday I was in the office all day, but managed to catch up on paperwork.  I also managed to clean out the filing cabinet, and bulk store last years files, so lots of room in there now, so I won't have to keep struggling to do the filing and trying to fit them in the drawer!! Tuesday I spent all day out in the yard, I got all of the mowing done, and also managed to spray all of the weeds, the shoulders are a bit sore though as it is a 20litre backpack and gets pretty heavy on the back and shoulders.  Toni also helped me move Kasey's trampoline out in to the backyard where it was supposed to be put 3 years ago....that was a struggle, just about turned my legs to jelly! Michael turned up at exactly the right time, after it was moved!  I also caught up on all of my wedding phonecalls to next months brides, as October is a really busy month it took me a few hours on the phone. Yesterday was my block of the month for my "back on the farm" quilt.  I managed to get all of the pieces on to the last couple of blocks, there is a couple of pieces here and there missing over the last 4 blocks, as there are some really tiny pieces, so it will probably take me about another hour or so, to cut out the new pieces for the missing parts and get it ready for free motion sewing.  Once that is done, it will be time to put it all together!!  I had a virus of some sort on my laptop yesterday, so that took me from 4pm yesterday until 11pm last night to get rid of.  I now have my antivirus all updated, as well as Microsoft Security installed and updated, so any viruses will have 2 lots of antivirus software and firewalls to get through...that should fix em! I have flowers coming this morning for my 2 weddings this weekend, as well as embroidery club this morning for a couple of hours.  This afternoon I will start on the weddings, and then tonight I have a sewing class to make a double diamond's quite a nifty little bag, will post pics when done.  I have quite a few finished items I have sewn over the last month or 2, I just haven't managed to upload them to my blog yet...I also have a few projects planned for the next few weeks for some interesting take along to sewing class items....which will make life a little easier for some of the things needed at club and classes.  Now, I just need to find about another 8 hours to each day to get everything done!!

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