Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free food

It's funny how food can just grow completely of it's own accord, out in the middle of nowhere, and thrive. Our neighbours have a random wild lemon tree, growing out in the middle of nowhere, and said we could grab as many as we would like...
It is absolutely covered in lemons, big, fat and very juicy lemons, totally organic. The neighbours gave Damian a bag full on the  weekend...
I of course set about making a lemon meringue pie, Kasey was in heaven, and happily took some to school today as well.
Which still left a lot of lemons, I was looking at ways to preserve them or freeze them, then I remembered about my dehydrator, and thought it would be a good idea to dry some.

So there are now 5 trays of lemon slices drying away in the dehydrator. I also noticed on driving down the track to our property, there is a random chilli bush, producing a bumper crop of red chillies, they are quite small ones, so they are quite hot. I picked a few and they are in the dehydrator along with some of the lemons drying

I went to the lemon tree today and have picked up another bag full, which I will put through my juicer, and freeze the juice, I must remember to take snips and gloves though, the tree is quite thorny and it can be difficult pulling the fruit off.. I think that should just about see me right with lemons for the year. I may pick some extras to dry and preserve for gifts??
I have also saved some of the seed from both the lemons and chillies, and I will see if I can get my own plants up and running from these. They are both prolific fruiters and are well acclimatised to our area so hopefully they will grow well.

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