Thursday, June 27, 2013

All gone...

Damian just rang to let me know on his return to the farm today that in the last 48 hours since I have been in Brissy that all of my chooks have been killed by something. Over 40 chooks and guinea fowl, all killed  except for 1 rooster who sleeps on the roof and a couple of guinea fowl...I can't believe it...


  1. Oh, how awful for you. And them! Do you think it was the eagle or a fox? We have lost a whole flock of chooks to a fox a couple of times and Muscovey ducks as well. I hate them. Not sure how you would deter an eagle, maybe you will need an enclosed pen.


  2. OH my goodness...I can imagine how dreadful you feel...I hope you do not have to go home and clean up, and that someone will do it for you...that is just really, really bad............this happened to my nana, her whole flock gone in one night to a fox...dreadful things they are, sometimes they just kill for the sake of it...

  3. Oh Deb my heart goes out to you. I can not imagine how you are feeling. That gun licence may come in very handy. I am thinking of you and hope it all works out.