Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's embroidery projects

I had embroidery class today, and today's project was a travel mug and water bottle inserts. We used stitchable paper, cut it in to 96 squares, and then it was sewn back together in the hoop, and then I embroidered my name on them. The inserts were then put in to the acrylic shells around the bottles. I made my 2 as a matching set. They were a fun project to make, and I enjoyed my morning at class, as I haven't been to any sewing classes in quite some time.

I'll have to try and get to a few more classes, as I do enjoy going, especially when the projects are practical like this. Quite often the classes are for items that I wouldn't use or that just create clutter or aren't my style, but when they are to my taste, I do try and get to class as they are good fun.

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