Saturday, September 17, 2011

Had a busy morning, I had a couple call in this morning for a quote on their wedding flowers, and then went to deliver today's wedding. The bride was very happy with her bouquets :)

Just did the boring thing this arvy, had to go and get some groceries on the way home, I have been trying to go for weeks...but who can be bothered! Tonight I have cooked pumpkin soup in the thermomix, trying out a few recipes in was pretty quick and easy, about 4-5 minutes prep time, the rest the thermy took care of, so piping hot soup on the table in under 1/2 hour from start to finish...can't ask for more than to get the hang of cooking with it, as even though I use the same ingredients as when I cook on the stovetop, the recipes are turning out slightly differently in taste..not sure why...tomorrow I am off to a varoma demo at Renae's place, so I hope to have a much better idea of how to get the best out of the steamer etc after it's a lunchtime demo, so should be some yummy food for lunch!
I have also discovered why I haven't been getting many eggs from the chickens, Michael's dog Reg is stealing them...climbing up the ramp into the chookhouse and helping himself, I caught him yesterday when I was watering the vegie garden, I called him and made him drop it....still in 1 now I have to beat him to the eggs...I think a small "chook only" door on the chook house might be the only option as he is also eating the chook seed, and that stuff is expensive...the vegie garden is also in need of some new plantings, so I'll have to get organised and get my spring and summer seedlings in...I planted a few spuds the other day, along with a batch of corn and sunflowers....I really must get much more organised with this, especially as I just saw a clip for a story on Today Tonight on Monday about China sending their chemical laden vegies to us, via New Zealand so they are re-labelled as from New Zealand...through the back door type of stuff...pretty worrying, will have to make sure I watch this and get all the I really need to get the vegie garden sorted so that I keep planting and prepping so there is a constant supply coming out...but I think that's probably the battle most people have..I've got all the info in books and reference material, it's just getting motivated enough to do it all...motivation is very lacking at the moment....

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