Friday, July 1, 2011

Cake decorating lesson 2

I went to another cake decorating class last night. I found someone much closer, and much cheaper as well! So I should be able to afford to attend more lessons now that the pricing is more reasonable. Last night's class was basic cake covering and piping. I just took along a chocolate cake, I had to make it in a bit of a rush, as I was just going to buy one from the supermarket, but could only find iced had to rush home 2 hours before class and make and bake a cake, and hope that it would cool on did luckily. Purchasing a proper high sided cake tin is definitely on the cards to collect as part of my kit, so that the cake ends up nice and high, as a lot of our cakes last night weren't tall enough, but the end result still ended up nice. First they did a demo and showed us the basics on covering the cake, then it was our turn...first covering the cake...and then smoothing down the icing, and a bit of lustre sparkle was dusted over the icing for a bit of a shimmer...
Then we were shown the basics on shell piping, and then had a practice at doing that, then it was on to doing the piping on the cake, I'm happy with my first effort at shell piping...of course with more practice it would become better..

After this we practiced piping on their practice sheets. The cake was finished off like this at class. When I bought the cake home I finished decorating it with some flowers and leaves that I made at cake class number 1...these finished the cake off nicely...this cake could be used for any occasion really, a christening, a small wedding ceremony, a birthday celebration etc.

Kasey has made short work of it though....Muuuummmmm....can I pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeee have some cake?  Amazing how much nicer cake is with some yummy icing...

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  1. You are really talented and that cake looks so professional, so you will be doing wedding flowers and cakes shortly:0)