Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eggs at last..

The chickens have all finally started to lay. All of the newbies have all grown up enough to start laying now, and my older girls have finally come back on the lay after months off, after I changed their feed to a higher protein feed, and I also separated out some of the roosters, as the ration was way too high of roosters to hens. The ration is still too high for my liking, so I will need to separate out some more. We will have to cull shortly and try our hand at processing our own roosters, as I really only want to have 1-2 roosters at the moment. So, 9 eggs today, and the mix of colours and sizes makes me happy.
The dark brown eggs are from my Maran girls, the light brown egg on the bottom left is a guinea fowl egg, and the green egg in the middle is the 2nd egg from the Aracauna girl. The large white one is either from the Ancona or sussex hen, and the smaller white ones, I'm not too sure of...could be the leghorn girl, could be a polish girl...not sure.
I am currently also making a loaf of bread in my new, secondhand, bread maker. I picked this up today from the 2nd hand store for $20, so I will see how it goes and whether it makes an alright loaf or not.
I also put a deposit down on another absolute bargain, but I am waiting for them to get a part in for that which they are supposed to be getting on the weekend, so I will see if that comes off first before saying too much about that, but I will be VERY happy if it works out.
***The breadmaker ended up having an electrical problem...when it goes in to bake mode it trips the power, and probably needs a new element, which will cost about $150 I returned it today for a refund...never mind, I will just keep using my old one...


  1. Hooryt for eggs of many different colours and shapes.

    1. I love my chickens, and I love having different breeds. It's just so much more interesting having some colour in the egg carton. And the different breeds all have such different personalities...