Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free plants

While I was down at our Brisbane house last week, I took the opportunity to get myself some free plants to plant in the gardens up here at the farm. I just walked around the garden and pulled up the new plants that were shooting from the established plants, and divided some others up, and I ended up with heaps.
I have divided up comfrey, xanadu, heliconia sexy hangers, liriopes,
 Aloe vera, staghorns and elkhorns
 Rhoeo, Lomandras and Anthuriums

 There is a davidson's plum here..
 And there are heaps of agapanthus plants here, I just put them all in the one pot until I transplant them in to the gardens.
The only plants suffering any real setbacks seem to be the xanadu's, so I will see how they recover. They may just die back and re-shoot new leaves...hope so... I think I ended up bringing about 25 or so individual plants back, not bad for an hour or so's work. I am also in the process of planting up some vegie seedlings and putting them in the hothouse to establish and then will transplant them in to the garden. I have potted up pumpkins, chillies, vanilla bean, sugar snap peas, marigolds and bush lemon so far.
Sam says hi
 Stella is still a bit shy....

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