Sunday, December 30, 2012

We've run away to the. Farm...

Friday was D-day for our move to the farm, we packed up a couple of loads of our belongings and headed off. We had some serious issues with the land cruiser on the way here, seems to be a fuel sensor issue, we will be on Toyotas doorstep tomorrow to see what the problem is hopefully. We still have lots more to bring up, but we are here. We have been tidying up, unpacking, putting beds together, hanging blinds, making flyscreens and remaking the old fly screen door fom home  to fit this smaller door and repainted it, putting door handles on, putting weather strips on the bottom of the doors to keep out the bugs and snakes and spiders, changing the door handles on the kitchen cupboards to update them,  connecting the sink and gas hot water,  and just generally working really hard. We're off to bundy hopefully tomorrow to get the car fixed and get a few more things so will have a quiter day tomorrow hopefully. The house is looking good though, downstairs is mostly finished, just little bits and pieces here and there to do, and upstairs in the bedrooms is all bare necessites, and will be our next focus building the built in wardrobes and bringing our other furnishings in. I am off to Tasmania in a few days for a 2 week holiday with Mum, so everything else will have to wait until then. Damian is going to start my chook pen before then and will finish it off while I am away, so I can bring my chooks and guinea fowl back up with me when I return...yay. So, without further ado, here is our little mostly finished for now house...
(The kitchen)
(Upstairs Bedroom)

(Downstairs living area)
(Gas cooktop in action)
(Gas oven - it was absolutely filthy inside when I bought it 2nd hand, it took me 6 days to get it clean)
(Downstairs bathroom - shower end)
(Downstairs bathroom - toilet end)
(Kitchen benchtop - this was originally an ugly laminate which I have resurfaced with a stone look)
I doubt we will look at building our permanent home for at least 12 months, we would like to get some more infrastrucure in place around the farm first (gardens, paddock and yard fencing etc and our office and craft studio) and save up some more money! And have a bit of a rest and enjoy the rural lifestyle for a little while before we take on the workload of building a house. But in the meantime I will enjoy decorating and furnishing our abode to make it feel like home.

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