Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The hatching has started...

It is very hectic around here at the moment, lots of travel to the property and building organising going on, as well as running around picking up building materials etc. Michael and I went and picked up a whole car trailer load of cladding for the shouse this morning, and when I got back, I thought I would check on Mummy hen as her babies are due today...2 have hatched out so far, 1 plymouth rock and 1 speckled sussex. So, I am waiting patiently, there are quite a few others that are starting to crack, so I am hoping most of them should hatch, there will likely be a few that don't hatch though, when we candled it appeared that 2 weren't fertile, and there has been the odd occasion where I have had to put a cold egg back underneath her as she has forgotten about it, so we shall wait and see how many end up hatching....

(the first chick off the rank, a cute little plymouth rock)
(number 2 to hatch, a speckled sussex)
I am hoping my week starts to settle a little now, I have so many things to catch up on, I need to get the kefir grain that Liz sent me going, and send her off some seeds, catch up on the washing and just take a break for a couple of days I think..

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