Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our first cattle adventures have begun

We have been up at the property for the last few days, and we have purchased ourselves some cattle. 16 Heifers, 10 of which are brahman cross, and 6 are charbray cross. These girls are about 6 months old, and we will keep them for about 12 months, and we will keep any really nice ones for breeding. We had to first get in a ramp, we had the yard panels which came with the property, but needed the ramp. We went out for lunch to some new friends who manufacture cattle yards, crushes, ramps, trailers etc, who were introduced to us by our very good friends who already own property near ours and we have purchased a ramp from him and put in an order for a crush for ear tagging and injections etc down the track. Here is the sparkly new ramp ready for action
First girl coming off the truck

 And the rest of the girls coming off the truck.
We are keeping the girls in these smaller yards for a few days while they quieten down a little and get used to us and we will start to sweeten them up to us with some molasses treats as well, and then we will move them in to the smaller paddock for a couple of weeks to further their interaction with us and with our yummy molasses to hopefully make them happy to come in to the yards when we need them to.They can then go out to the rest of the property to graze as they wish. They all seem happy enough in here for now, and are very slowly getting used to us.
Damian and Michael have now finished their work in WA, and Damian has started a new job in Bundaberg today which is only a 40 minute drive from the farm, so he is going to stay at the property during the week, and will come home on the weekends or I will go up to the property on alternate weekends and school holidays, which will work out great while we are building the shed and we are also looking at building a small cabin to live in while we build the main house, and the cabin will later be used as extra bedrooms and car accomodation, allowing us to build a slightly smaller main house as we will have extra bedrooms etc in the cabin, rather than building a larger house with the extra bedrooms for when the older kids come to stay or we have guests. So, it's been a busy couple of weeks back and forth to the property organising things and slashing the farm and mowing the orchard etc. We absolutely love the town though, it's so relaxed and the people are lovely, so we can see ourselves fitting in nicely once we get up there full time.

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  1. Hi Deb, thanks for your comments on my blog, I was going to send you an email, but I can't find an address for you. I've replied to your comment as a comment on my blog instead. I've also followed your blog as it looks like you're doing very similar things to us, with a new property, new cattle and thinking about house building. I'll have to catch up on some past posts to see how you got to this stage! Cheers, Liz