Monday, June 13, 2011

Organising the craft supplies

The shed had gotten to the ridiculous stage....things keep getting put in there so they are out of the way, and it was getting harder and harder to find a clear path from one end of the shed to the other.  All of my craft supplies have been sitting on a trestle table covered with dust cloths since all of my supplies were moved out of the spare room to do the repairs from the termite damage. So today, I decided I would move all of my craft supplies from the trestle table into the cupboard given to me by Mum and Dad a few years back. I wanted to wait until my craft room gets done and I had painted the cupboard, but things were getting desperate, and I knew that getting the trestle table out of the way would clear out lots of space, and it had a knock on effect in cleaning up the other areas around this as well. So, I'm pretty worn out now, but it has made a huge difference in space in the shed and also to my work area.

I'm looking forward to painting this cupboard one day in the future, not sure yet whether I will go with an aubergine or a shabby chic look yet.

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