Monday, March 28, 2011

Craft show goodies

I picked up lots of goodies yesterday at the craft show. The bank account is on life support at the moment!   Now I've just got to make time to make the projects I have in mind.

Some beading supplies
 Lace, ribbons, silk flowers and elastics
 Silk flowers, lace, bobbin fill, wool and some gorgeous rose trims

 Sparkly lace, lots of lovely wedding bouquet trims here...
 Wool for the dolls hair for the patterns I purchased
 Loved this!
 A couple of doll patterns, I purchased one, and got the other free, and I purchased a starter pack for drawing the facial feature, some more trims,some glass beads,  bobbin fill, an assortment of fat 1/4's for the dolls clothes, and the first 2 editions of Vignette magazine.
 Some more lace and ribbons, and a bit more bling...


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  2. Debra

    What a haul! Some good stuff in there. Was that the craft show in Brisbane? Now to put it all to good use. Can't wait to see what you make.