Monday, July 18, 2016

Ongoing Cyclic Nausea and Headaches....round 5...

I have been down all weekend with nausea, headaches, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea..... again. I was fine Friday night, but fell in a heap on Saturday morning and I am still not 100% today, though much better so far than the weekend.  This is now 5 months of ongoing off and on and again nausea and headaches. This is the first time I have had vomiting though, and I have not had the diarrhea since month 1. It started just after Easter while up at the farm, and lasted for about 5 weeks. I went to the doctor who sent me for full bloodtests, which all came back clear. She gave me an antibiotic in case I had a tummy bug which did seem to clear things up for about a week, and then it came back. I asked for some more tests to be done, so we had a sample sent off to check for Giardia, as we have tank water up at the farm, even though I am the only person showing any symptoms. She also gave me an antibiotic to treat this in the interim, but, this test also came back clear. My gp is at a loss.

I have been to see another gp who specialises in natural medicine and does more in depth testing, he thought my liver may have needed stimulating, so gave me some tablets for that, but I continued to come down with the same thing every 4 weeks or so. Another visit to my gp, who thought possibly diverticulitis, so I have had an abdominal scan to check for that, which was also clear. I have also had a brain scan, also clear. My gp has also ventured down the path of it possibly being an ulcer, so has me taking Nexium, but I have still come down sick.

 I also have an appointment this Thursday with a gastroenterologist, who will probably want me to go in for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. He will probably have a few more ideas though than my gp, as I assume he would deal with this type of thing on a daily basis. I really don't want to go for an endoscopy or colonoscopy, it's not so much the procedure, I've had a colonoscopy once before and they are a piece of cake really, I just don't like the coming out of  the sedation part, in recovery. I find it really hard to wake up, and it seems to be getting harder with every surgery I have had over the years, and my blood pressure really drops and I get quite sick. Even after the colonoscopy which is just a twilight sedation rather than a full knock out, I still got sick after that and had a drop in blood pressure as well. I'll just have to have a good chat to the gastroenterologist on Thursday and see what he says I suppose.

I have also been to see a naturopath on the Sunshine Coast who does body image scanning, and very indepth blood and stool testing. She is of the opinion that I have some sort of bacterial or parasitic infection, so I am waiting on those results to come back, which is probably about another week to 10 days away.  She has told me that parasites can be cyclic, meaning that they lie dormant for a few weeks, then flare up every 4 weeks or so, which is exactly what has been happening. I have been so tired since this all started as well. It is driving me mad. I don't know how people deal with ongoing chronic illness which lasts for years.

It's affecting everything, not being able to work as I keep coming down sick. I have some part time work which I do from home, so I can work around things a little, luckily, but I was wanting to go back out and get some full time work, but this just isn't possible at the minute. And being so exhausted all the time, I have no energy other than to do just the basics each day, getting out of bed in the mornings is a real struggle! And because this thing comes in cycles, it seems like I just start to regain a little bit of energy and wham, back it comes again to wipe me out again. I do think I have some sort of bacterial infection, which is what I have said from the start, but no-one has been able to pinpoint anything yet.  I really hope there are some answers soon.